A stylish summer is the best time to take on the challenge of creating a stylish bathing suit, according to research.

But for those who want to take the plunge, a simple but effective bathing suit might be just what they need.

Key points:A new study suggests wearing a suit makes you look younger than you actually areThe research suggests a simple bathing suit can keep your age as a young person from creeping into your imageA study from the University of New South Wales found bathing suits were one of the most effective ways to make you look young.

The research, which analysed more than 2,000 photos of men and women aged between 18 and 64, found the most flattering bathing suits helped to disguise a young body.

“There’s no question that bathing suits have a really interesting and intriguing function in our society, particularly in relation to people who are younger,” University of NSW PhD candidate Dr Lisa Cauley said.

“But they do this by taking a really simple, everyday look.”

It doesn’t have a fancy, high-quality look that we would associate with a professional professional.

“The study, published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, found that men and men aged 18 to 64 who wore a bathing suit appeared younger on average than those who didn’t.”

When you look at the picture of the bathing suit you are actually more youthful than you think you are,” Dr Cauleys said.

The study showed that those wearing a bathing jacket were more likely to have darker skin tones, have smaller waists and a longer torso.

The findings also showed people who wore suits appeared younger and had wider hips and thighs than those not wearing suits.

The researchers also found those who had been photographed with a bathing garment appeared younger.”

In addition, those wearing suits appeared to have more muscle mass, a larger waist and a shorter torso,” Dr Gaby Williams said.

But Dr Williams said those who did not wear suits were not necessarily more youthful.”

The research has implications for the industry of professional, sport and beauty products, Dr Williams noted.””

There is more body fat in those who don’t wear suits.”

The research has implications for the industry of professional, sport and beauty products, Dr Williams noted.

“You can use it as a tool to build your image, and also you can use that to help you to sell your products,” she explained.

“A lot of professional brands are looking for a younger customer.”

Dr Williams said people who have had their body fat examined and body image tested are likely to be the most likely to buy a bathing product.

“If you want to sell to a younger demographic, the best way to do that is to go with something that’s comfortable, that doesn’t make you uncomfortable, that you can wear a lot,” she suggested.

“Bath suits also give you a very good excuse to wear a suit.”

Dr CauLEY said she was surprised to find that men in particular were more interested in wearing a swimsuit.

“I think that is one of those things that has to do with a certain type of person that likes to be active, that likes having a swim in the morning,” she told ABC Radio Hobart.

“And they may have the same kind of body image that they have had before they’ve had an accident.”

That’s one thing we know about.

“The University of Sydney said the study’s results suggested there was a strong connection between age and appearance.”

Our research suggests that those who wear bathing suits appear younger, appear thinner and have a longer waist than those that don’t,” Professor David Smith said.

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