Lowes has announced its Bird Bath will be the brand’s first low-price entry-Level entry-to-level shower.

It’s the company’s first high-end shower with a high-quality stainless steel construction and comes in at $249.95.

This is a bargain considering the amount of features that Lowes is offering, including a removable base that can be used for multiple uses, an adjustable water-flow system, and an integrated washstand.

There’s also a 3-year warranty.

The shower is made of stainless steel and is watertight, which is nice to have since it means it won’t corrode over time.

This means you can use the shower without any extra steps.

Lowes also offers a range of other accessories including a built-in bar that you can put up in a different location, a wash stand, and a small bottle holder.

The bathroom is also covered by Lowes Privacy, meaning you can monitor your shower from anywhere on your home’s wall.

In fact, Lowes says this is the first time this has been possible, which means you’ll want to be able to access your bathroom from anywhere you have access to a home’s bathroom.

LowES Bird Bath price: $249 For the price of a basic low-end entry-grade shower, you’ll get a really cool shower.

Read More Lowes Bird Bath reviews: The best low-budget, high-performance, low-maintenance shower This is Lowes best-value low-down-to the ground entry- to-level water-filled shower, but it’s not a low-priced entry-line shower.

Its price is $249, and you’ll save $100 if you use a coupon code.

The price drops when you add in a water filter, a high pressure hose, and adjustable flow.

The Bird Bath also has a built in bar that is also removable for use in a variety of places, including the shower and kitchen.

It comes with a 3 year warranty.

For a $99 discount, you can pick up this high-efficiency, low maintenance, low cost shower.

The low-pressure hose makes this shower ideal for low-flow showers, but you can still use it for a high flow shower.

You can also add a low pressure shower curtain, a water filtration system, a large sink, and water-saving dishwasher.

The dishwasher and sink are also covered.

Lowest Price: $99 Best Value: $399 Best Buy: $179 Amazon: $149 It’s a good entry- level shower, and it comes with some cool features.

But if you need to upgrade your bathroom, the price is definitely worth it.

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