Outdoor bathing has long been popular in the U.S. as a way to get away from the constant grind of the daily grind.

But there’s a new trend in the outdoor bathing business.

In the past few years, a new generation of people have decided that it’s the ultimate way to relax and get away with things they may otherwise be forced to deal with in the office.

That includes taking baths at home or in a park, but the new generation has also come to embrace the idea of using a home bath as a vacation alternative.

That’s according to a new report from Consumer Reports, which says that Americans are spending more than $1 billion a year on outdoor baths, and that the trend is likely to continue.

“It’s still an out-of-the-box idea,” said Sarah Stoll, director of consumer research for Consumer Reports.

“But it’s definitely on the rise.”

What is a ‘day trip’ or ‘home bath’?

What makes an outdoor bath different?

There are several different types of outdoor bath, from the simple to the luxurious.

For the most part, they all share one basic feature: They are designed to allow people to soak up the natural elements of nature, like sand and water, in the heat of the summer.

The most popular type of outdoor bathing, known as a “day trip,” involves using a bathtub, a sink or a toilet.

A typical day trip might include a quick shower and a hot meal before heading out.

But for some, it might also include sitting in a sand or gravel pool, soaking in the sun and getting a few minutes of sun exposure.

There are a few other options, including taking a hot shower at home, or taking a bath in a public park or beach.

The type of bath typically chosen will depend on your personal preferences.

For some people, the water and sand will help them relax, while others may prefer a more luxurious experience.

Some outdoor baths are designed for people with arthritis, for example.

Others are designed more for people who don’t have arthritis, but still need the added benefit of a relaxing bath, according to Consumer Reports’ study.

While most people enjoy a relaxing, outdoor bath with friends, a number of people say they are less likely to go outdoors alone, according the study.

People with arthritis who are more likely to have joint problems also are more inclined to go outside alone, and are also more likely than the general population to have arthritis and/or a history of arthritis, the study found.

What to look for in a home spa What kind of spa is best?

The biggest difference between a home and an outdoor spa is what kind of service the home spa provides.

The study looked at the services offered at home and at outdoor spa resorts, such as a spa, massage and acupuncture.

The services provided by home spas are usually free, but can cost a few dollars.

Outdoor spas can offer free spa treatments, but often do not have the same amenities or amenities that you’ll find at a home resort.

Home spas often offer a spa massage or a spa treatment, as well as other services that may include a sauna, steam room or steam room for adults.

The cost of a home treatment depends on the service, as does the length of time a person will spend in the spa.

For example, a two-hour spa treatment at a spa could cost about $45 to $75, while a two hour massage session at a saunas could cost up to $90.

The average home spa treatment costs between $35 to $70.

Consumer Reports recommends that people go for a home service if they can afford it.

They also recommend that people seek a recommendation from a health care professional about what their needs are and whether they should have an appointment.

The research found that there are certain spa amenities that are considered more important than others.

For instance, spa treatments tend to be more expensive if a person has a medical condition that affects their ability to use the spa, such to arthritis or a condition that makes it hard to get out and about, according Stoll.

“People tend to get a massage when they’re feeling a little sick or they’re tired, and it can be more time consuming,” Stoll said.

Another type of service that may be more beneficial for people may be a massage for the elderly.

This service may be free or more expensive depending on the age, but is generally considered the “gold standard” of home spa care.

It can also be more comfortable than a massage, and can take about 10 to 15 minutes.

The benefits of home spases include the opportunity to spend time with family, and the ability to experience a spa experience with friends.

“A home spa can be the best option for people that want a spa-like experience without the extra cost of having a doctor, or if they’re in a hurry and want to get something done,” Stell said.

“They can spend as little as

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