It’s hard to imagine that a toddler’s first bath was going to be a breeze.

“It’s like, we’ve got to get to the point where we’re not using the toilet,” says Stephanie.

“We’re going to wash ourselves in the sink and then we’re going back to the shower to get that same clean.

That’s what I like to do in my daycare, too, because I can wash my hair and I don’t have to get it out.

I can get it all in one go.”

And Stephanie can wash her hair all in a day, all day.

“I’m pretty good at that, I guess,” she says, laughing.

“There’s nothing I can’t do, really.

But I do it in a different way, and I’m really good at it.

I’m pretty much a perfectionist.”

(See a video of Stephanie washing her hair.)

In her first few years of toddlerhood, Stephanie would get up early to get dressed.

And then, even though she was a new mom, she still got up early.

She’d often get dressed in her favorite outfit — a pair of socks, a skirt, and a turtleneck.

“That was a very important thing for me,” she explains.

“If you’re a toddler, you’re going through the transition from being a little kid to an adult, and that’s really difficult.

That was important to me, to not be overwhelmed with the things that you do.

I don’ want to feel like I’m doing the exact same thing every day, or even a little bit different every day.

I just want to do it the best I can.”

Stephanie’s mother, Jill, was a nurse, so she helped make sure Stephanie got dressed and prepared for her first shower.

“One thing that I learned from my mother, was that a lot of toddlers need to be prepared for a shower,” she said.

“But you have to do your own thing.”

Stephanie was a little shy at first, but she was soon able to share her bathing suit with her toddler and her toddler’s mom.

“She loves to wash herself in the tub,” Jill says.

“And she loves to do that in the bath.

I love that she likes it.

It’s not just to get her hair done.

It makes her feel good.”

And Jill’s daughter, Kayla, was able to do the same thing when she was her own age.

“When she was little, she was very shy, so her mom helped make her feel comfortable,” she recalls.

“They’re the best parents I know.

They’re the most supportive.

They know that you can’t have it all.

And they have to be supportive.

And that’s what they love about me.

I know it’s difficult for them, but I love them.”

It’s easy to forget that Stephanie and Kayla were still kids when they first shared the tub.

“What a huge step it was for us to have a bath together, in front of each other,” Stephanie says.

But as they grew older, they started to appreciate the water and the shower more.

“A lot of times, we just want that clean, dry feeling,” Kayla says.

And she’d say, “I love it, I’m gonna have a shower.”

And so they got their own shower, and Kayle’s mother did the job of the sponge, and the tub and the bath were all hers.

Stephanie, Kaylee, and their baby are in the process of moving into their own home now.

“The thing about my baby is that she’s a little different from the other babies that I have,” Jill explains.

But Stephanie and Jill have found that they’ve learned a lot from the experience.

“People often don’t realize that they’re learning something new, because they think it’s just a big change,” Jill admits.

“Because I know how much we all have been through and how much it takes to go through it.

And I know that my husband is a huge support for us.

He helps us get through it.”

And Kayla loves having that little voice in her head, so Kayla can still say, You know, I can see you in there, too.

“My mom is such a big part of this for us, because she has so much confidence in us,” Kaylee says.

It helps that Kayla’s mother is also an expert in bathing and showering.

“As a parent, you know what you want,” Jill laughs.

“You don’t really need to ask.

You can just tell them.”

But that’s not the only thing Kayla appreciates about her mom.

It seems like she was always able to take her daughter to the beach or to a swimming pool, so now she’s trying to get them to go to the spa.

“Our whole family is going to the gym,” Kayle says. Kayla

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