Father Paul Zukowski says he doesn’t feel safer with his daughter, Kayla, bathing in the backyard of their home in the city of Detroit.

Zukowski says the boy’s mother has already told him she is “heartbroken” that she hasn’t been able to get the boy out of the tub and back in the house.

Zakowski says that is his right to do, that she can do as she wants and that she has no right to take her daughter’s life.

“My daughter is a beautiful child, beautiful child,” Zukowkski said.

“But she is no longer safe.”

Zukowsky says he has never been afraid to bring his child out of his home, but Kayla’s behaviour has been out of control.

“She is no better than a dog in the neighborhood,” Zakowski said, adding that he has tried to make Kayla behave and not have her upset.

“This is not OK.”

Zakowksi says Kayla has started a Facebook page where she is posting about the incident.

He says he is concerned about the child’s safety and wants to know why her mother is not taking responsibility for the child.

“I don,t feel safe in the home anymore,” Zookowski said.

The mother of the boy, who was not identified, said she has been working with her son to address the issue.

“If I had a child that had been sexually abused, that was my child, that is my child,” said the mother.

“It was a tragedy.

She’s very upset and upset about it.

It’s hard to talk to her.”

Zookowski and his wife say Kayla is now three years old and they are happy that she is safe.

“That’s why I want to do everything I can to help her,” Zuhowski told CBC News.

“Kayla needs to be safe.

She needs to have the right kind of life.

I just want to help.”

The family has reached out to the police, but Zukewski said he is worried about how the police will respond.

“We want to make sure that we have the police’s attention,” Zuchowski said, before adding, “I think that it’s a little unfair that the police have not responded to us yet.”

The man who said he saw the incident, who has asked to remain anonymous, said he was shocked when he saw what he says was Kayla getting into the tub.

“The first thing I thought was, that’s terrible,” the man said.

Zuhowski says Kaylar has been diagnosed with Asperger syndrome.

“When I heard her name, I just wanted to throw up,” he said.

He said he doesn`t think it’s Kayla who is causing problems, and that he doesn t have any other concerns about her.

“There’s not much she can be doing,” he added.

Zuzowski said he believes that Kayla will be allowed back into the home if he can get her to behave.

“Just don’t leave her alone.

It won’t be good for her.

It will make her even more anxious.”

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