AUSTRALIA: The truth is, babies need a bath, a bath with their own, and that’s where the #babysbath hashtag comes in.

Aussie mom Jessica Cappelletti, whose husband is a doctor, was so moved by the idea that a baby could wash their own bathtub that she began posting about the concept on Instagram, using the hashtag #milksbath.

“I’m not a super-mom.

But this is something I feel compelled to share.

A baby can’t do this without a bathtub,” Ms Cappellis said.

“And so, I decided to share this on Instagram and make this a reality.

And now I can’t believe the reaction.

So many people have been so kind to me.

It’s amazing.”

While many babies can’t fit their own tub into their parents’ washing machine, they do have their own personal water bottle and a toilet.

Ms Cappella said that babies who don’t need their mothers’ washrooms usually need to be washed in a separate tub, because they’re often smaller and they don’t have enough room in their bodies to wash themselves.

“You need a little bit of room to take the baby to the bathroom,” she said.

“And then, they’re still at the same temperature, so they can get some of the chlorine out.

They’re still warm.

They still feel clean.”

Ms Capps baby is a healthy 8-month-old boy.

She said the idea for the hashtag started with a tweet from one of her friends, and it quickly grew from there.

“The tweets started getting more and more positive,” she explained.

“Then I decided that, ‘Let’s have a baby shower’.”

So we had a baby wash, and I think it’s one of the first baby showers in my life.

“Ms Mathers said that if it was up to her, she would have taken the baby shower herself.”

When I saw the baby bath, I was just really happy that I could do something that other mothers couldn’t,” she shared.”

It was just like, ‘Okay, what do I do?’

And I thought, ‘Well, I need a shower.

And I need the bathroom.’

“It’s a really simple idea.”

It’s not only a simple idea to start with.

Ms Matherses husband, Dr Chris, also started the hashtag, and he said he’s seen a huge response.

“My wife, my three-year-old daughter and I have been overwhelmed by the response,” Dr Chris said.

“People are really loving it.

It seems to have really worked.”

Dr Chris said that he had no idea that he would see such a response until he read a blog post on social media about a baby who was unable to use a bath at home.

“People were so excited about the idea,” he said.

Ms Middens said that the hashtag is now helping to raise awareness for a very real issue.

“We’re not just talking about a little kid here, but a mother and her baby, and really it’s a child that’s not getting enough love,” she added.

“There are very real issues that are impacting women and children all across the world.”

The #milkinsbath hashtag has been used by over 2,000 users and has more than 3,000 followers.

Ms Liddens told ABC Radio Melbourne that she is currently raising money to buy a baby bath for her daughter, who is now aged nine.

“As much as I love my daughter, she doesn’t have a bath.

She can’t even use a baby wipe,” she recalled.”

She has to use something else to clean her hands and she doesn�t have a washbasin.

So we have to do something.

We can’t just leave her to the world and expect her to do it.

I think it really needs to happen.”

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