A local bakery is taking a DIY approach to making the sweet treat for its cheesecake fans.

The cheesecake makers are using baking soda to make a unique recipe that is infused with a delicious taste of homemade cheesecakes.

News.co.au asked the bakery if they could make the recipe themselves, but the bakery says they have no interest in selling the recipe.

“I can’t afford to buy a cake mould, so it’s a pretty expensive DIY project,” bakery owner Rachel Pyle said.

“We can’t buy the cake mould so we’re going to make our own, we just need a good, cheap, portable cake mould.”

A cheesecake maker uses baking soda in a homemade recipe that tastes sweet.

News of the baking soda bath has been making the rounds on social media and has garnered thousands of likes on Instagram and Facebook.

“It’s really a lovely experience, I love it when people have something that’s homemade,” bakery worker and vegan chef Tracey Hatton said.

“I’ve had people come up to me and say they were making it at home.

I just think it’s fantastic to see people enjoying it.”

The cheesecake maker, which was named one of the best in Australia by Life Matters magazine, is a small family business with three employees and only one day a week they work on the farm.

The bakery has been serving cheesecake to its customers for about two years.

They have had a few customers come in and say it’s the best birthday cake they’ve ever had, Hatton added.

“They love it and it’s quite filling and I can’t imagine what a cheesecake would taste like without that.”

Pyle and her family also make baked goods for their local butcher shop, but she says the best thing about cheesecake is the fact that you can get it at a good price.

“The cheese is all organic, it’s all local and the flour is all fresh, so I think it works really well,” Pyle explained.

“And it’s just delicious.”

The local butcher’s butcher shop owner, John McLeod, said the local butcher market was seeing a resurgence of local cheesecake making.

“When I first started making cheesecakias in the 1990s, we were probably in the same situation as today,” McLeod said.

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