Baby shampoo, bath oil and baby body wash are popular items in baby shower stalls, and the baby shower can be an excellent source of bath and body products.

For that reason, we thought it was important to test the quality of bath products for your babies.

We tested several brands of baby shampoo, including Nivea, Bodyworks, Gatorade and Old Spice.

Niveas Baby Wash and Bodyworks baby bath products were both of high quality.

However, Niveans Baby Wash was the better of the two in terms of smell and fragrance, but was a tad more expensive.

Gatorades Baby Wash is one of the more expensive brands, but has a lower scent, which was actually a plus for our baby shower.

Old Spice Baby Wash smelled more like it had been stored in the shower than any of the other products tested.

We didn’t find any major issues with the baby shampoo.

It had a good consistency and had a fairly soft texture, which is perfect for the bath and shower.

The only problem with this product was that it was too sweet.

Our baby was not thrilled with it.

He loved the taste of the Old Spice, but the smell was slightly too sweet for him.

Bodyworks baby body shampoo was slightly more expensive, but it was the cleanest of the brands tested.

It was more of a neutral scent, and we thought that was a plus.

Gant was a little disappointing with its scent, but that is probably due to its packaging.

The packaging also made it more difficult to use.

The baby shower stall was clean enough for the first bath and it had a nice texture.

The smell was pleasant enough for most babies, but for some it was not a good fit.

Olds, however, was a definite winner with its fragrance.

Our little girl loved it, but didn’t like the taste.

It seemed a bit too sweet, and she wanted more of the body wash.

Body products that cost more than $30The cost of these baby shower products were also a factor in our decision to test them.

We had to choose between these brands because they were a bit pricier than the ones we tested earlier.

The cost of the Bath & Body Shop, Old Spice and Body Shop baby body products were all between $29 and $49.

However a couple of products were slightly higher than that.

Bodywork was the priciest, at $39.

Gaunt was $28, Olds was $27 and Olds Baby Bath was $25.

Old’s Baby Bath and Bodywash both came in at $24 each.

The Body Shop was also the most expensive product, at around $40.

Gaunt’s Baby Wash also came in with the most price tags.

It costs $39, but our baby loved it.

It smelled great, but he didn’t care for the price tag.

Body Works Baby Wash came in slightly lower, at about $34.

Olds Baby Body Wash came out on top for our most expensive baby shower product, which cost $44.

Gants Baby Wash cost $33, Old’s was $33 and Old’s Bath was more expensive at $37.

Bodyworks Baby Wash, however had the lowest price tag of the three products tested, at just $28.

Gant Baby Wash seemed to be a better value for our money, at less than $20 per baby shower, but Gaunt Baby Wash costs $26.

Old Scent was the most affordable product, priced at just under $24.

Bodywash for kids has a $10 discount if you purchase onlineThe body wash and bath soap categories have a $5 discount if purchased online.

We used this discount to compare the cost of body wash to bath and bath products, which were priced around $24 per bath and $30 per bath product.

Our findings were that body wash is more affordable than bath and bathing products.

The price difference between the two categories was minimal.

Gents Bath and Bath was the cheapest of the products, costing just under the price of Old Spice Body Wash.

Giant was the next cheapest, costing around $29.

Old Spice Body Shop Baby Bath, Body Works, Old Sceptre and Body Wipes cost less than half the price as Baby Shampoo, Body Shop and Body WashBaby Shampoo cost $29 for two products, Old Shampoo and Body Shampoo.

Body Shop came in a close second at $28 for two baby shower items.

Old Shampoos bath and bodies was priced at $34 for two items.

Body Washes Baby Shampoo, Baby Showers and Body Wax cost just under half the prices of Baby Shamps and Bodywax.

Baby Shams, Baby Washes and Baby Wax cost $25 each.

Old Shampools Baby Shoo, Old Wands Baby Shops and Baby Shapes cost $30 for two bath products and $35 for two body products, and Baby Wodes Baby Shoop cost $34

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