I bought this set a while ago for my bath.

It’s quite simple.

The tub is made from a waterproof plastic, which makes it waterproof when wet and water repellent when dry.

The base is made of a plastic tube, and it is a very lightweight base.

The sponge base is very soft.

There are two sizes of bases, which you can choose.

The smaller size is a two-sided base, with the two sides facing in the same direction.

The larger size is the full-sided design.

You can use this as a sink or bath tub, but it’s best to use it for a bath or bath accessories.

The bottom of the base is lined with the sponge, so you don’t need to worry about getting wet.

The shower head is made out of a clear plastic, so it doesn’t make a mess when you wash it, and the shower head has an elastic band that allows you to use the shower to rinse off.

The water reservoir is made with a metal base, which is also a good option for people who like to clean up.

The accessories are made out the same as the bath accessories, with a few exceptions.

The top of the shower is made up of a rubber seal, so that the shower can be removed without damage.

The inside of the bathtub is made to fit a standard standard bathtub, but the base of the tub is curved to allow you to adjust the size of the water reservoir.

The bath accessories come with the same features as the shower accessories, including a sponge, a base and a shower head.

You’ll need to purchase these accessories separately, though, as they’re compatible with all of the same accessories.

They also come with a water supply, and a water dispenser.

For those of you who like more space, there are two options for this set: the bath base is the standard size, which fits most standard bath tubs; or the full size, is a curved version of the regular size, and you can use it to wash your hands in the bath.

The waterproof plastic tubs are the only ones that are waterproof in the US, so if you have a watertight tub, you can take advantage of this.

There’s also a silicone base for those of us who like a little extra water flow, as well as a removable shower head to attach it to a sink.

The product is currently available at Amazon.com for $199.99, but you can also get it for $99.99 in the UK.

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